17 Ways to Clean Your Home and Declutter: Healthy Living Starts with a Clean Space

Ways to Clean Your Home and Declutter

When you come home after a long day, do your dirty dishes pile up in the sink? Do clothes start to pile up on the floor or in an overflowing laundry basket? Is your calendar full of appointments and obligations that are beginning to overwhelm you? If any of these sound familiar, then it’s time for some decluttering. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you 17 ways to clean your home and declutter. Follow these steps, and soon enough, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthy living space!

Make your bed every morning. This is the easiest way to start decluttering because it will only require a few minutes, but you’ll be amazed at how much more energized you feel after doing this one simple task! It’s like getting a whole night’s worth of sleep in just ten minutes.

Cleaning starts from the top of the stairs going down – so start there first! Sweep out dust bunnies before tackling other surfaces like floors or walls. You can use old newspapers, dryer sheets or even an alternative cloth for stubborn crevices at this point if needed, but don’t forget about corners too. If you have pets in your household, vacuum up their fur every day as it’s likely they lay around on hardwood and carpets quite often, which could lead to dirt buildups over time.

Create designated spaces for all clutter items so that they’re not scattered throughout the house. When these areas are filled up with too many things, find another place where those objects would fit better. The kitchen might work well for cookbooks or extra food storage containers, while old clothes can take up space in an attic or basement.

Whenever you go to the grocery store, bring a reusable bag with you and ask that your produce be weighed without plastic or paper packaging. This is one way of avoiding clutter in your kitchen because it’s so easy for all those little pieces of trash to pile up!

Label everything. Whether it’s storing folded clothes in bins or boxes, labeling them by season will help know when they need to be worn again. Labeling containers also helps make things easier since different types of food can otherwise easily get mixed, making more work later on down the line!

Use decorative tray liners if possible instead of wrapping gifts individually using wrapping paper and bows. Decorative materials like fabric and silk are easily swapped throughout the year.

For something fun and easy, use leftover wine corks to make a corkboard! Use either wire or string for securing them on all four corners of a frame. It’s an eco-friendly way to hang up photos that you’ll get to enjoy long after the wine is gone (which will also be easier with less clutter).

Do your dishes as soon as they’re dirty instead of letting them pile up in the sink overnight before having time to do so. Not only will this help declutter your kitchen counters, but it helps keep germs away too!

Don’t forget about using ice cubes made from water rather than plastic bottles to make drinks. Not only is it safer to consume, but it will help you save money on plastic water bottles, as well.

If someone in your home smokes cigarettes outside of the house and doesn’t have a designated area for them, get some litter boxes or ashtrays! This way, they’ll be able to smoke without affecting anyone else’s health.

Make sure all pets are healthy and up-to-date with their vaccinations before bringing any new animals into the household. No one wants sick animals around, especially not other ones that could catch what they’ve got quickly from them as kittens can do from an older animal who has been vaccinated before!

Make sure to dust every surface in your house, including hard-to-reach ones. This is a great way to clean up any allergens that have accumulated on surfaces like TVs and computers without worrying about bleach or other cleaners damaging them.

Change your air filters monthly depending on what kind you have. For AC units to work properly, they need fresh, clean filters, which will help improve air quality inside while also keeping out pollen and pollutants from outside.

Always contribute old clothing items with holes or stains that can’t be fixed anymore (even if it’s just one!).

Donate unused items that you don’t need anymore to places like Goodwill or your local shelter. There’s no use in having old clothes, toys and other things lying around the house when someone else can benefit from it!

Keep a supply of toilet paper at all times, so there isn’t any reason for panic when guests come by unexpectedly, especially if they’re staying overnight and need something to clean themselves before bedtime.

Throw out expired foods – even ones we think are still good because taste has significantly deteriorated with age (like pasta sauce)

In conclusion, hopefully, you’ll be able to declutter and clean your house a little more efficiently with these tips.

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