How to Clean a Carpet by Yourself | DIY Carpet Cleaning

How to clean a carpet by yourself - DIY Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpet in your home, then chances are it needs to be cleaned. There are many do-it-yourself solutions for cleaning carpets that do not require professional help. In this article, we will go over the best-do-it-it-it-yourself solutions for carpet cleaning and which one is right for you! Clean them yourself with easy, less environmentally harmful methods than traditional cleaning products, which may stain or damage your flooring!

1. Put away all furniture and rugs.

Put away all furniture and rugs. There is no room for a vacuum cleaner in the house. If your carpets are covered with furniture, do this first! If you have any upholstery that needs to be cleaned, remove it from home before starting. This will make cleaning much easier on yourself.

2. Clean from top to bottom.

After removing items from the living space, start removing the webs and dirt from the top of the ceiling and walls. Clean off top surfaces like tables and counters of anything that could end up being accidentally knocked over, such as stacks of paper or remotes. You do not want to risk breaking something while trying to clean carpeting!

3. Vacuum thoroughly.

Vacuum thoroughly with a medium-bristled brush attachment, moving from one end to another but not pulling it along, or you will get loops and pile distortion that is difficult to avoid when they’re stretched like this. Vacuum once more using an upholstery attachment on hard surfaces (such as wood or vinyl) for any missed areas before proceeding onto the steam clean method!

4. Steam Cleaning.

Get baking soda and mix it with boiling water and a little vinegar. Use the ratio of 1:10 for the water and vinegar. Be sure to dissolve the baking soda into the mixture.

Pour some boiling hot water onto it once applied to create steam – what is great about this method is that you can also clean without having to buy expensive “carpet cleaner” products from department stores with chemicals which will make matters worse and damage your carpeting even further because they’re designed for commercial use rather than residential homes.

Baking soda and vinegar is a good alternative because it is gentler on the carpet and will give you a fresh smell after you dried it up.

5. Look for stubborn stains.

You can use club soda with dish soap and apply this to stains on your carpet.

6. Blow dry.

Dry up the floor using a blower machine. You can rent a blower machine or use an electric fan, but you need to wait for a longer period.

7. Vacuum again.

You can skip number four-step and go to this fifth step because this will also dry up the place. Using a vacuum cleaner will also take out the excess baking powder after the carpet dries up.

8. Put back all your furniture.

You can now put back all the furniture and enjoy your cleanroom.

These steps will not only save you from spending costly chemicals, but this is also safe for your family’s health.


Carpet is a staple in most homes and when it becomes dirty, wet or stained with pet accidents, the carpets can start to smell. It’s not uncommon for people to ignore cleaning their carpet until they completely notice that it needs attention – at which point there are several do-it-yourself solutions available! The best way of tackling this problem is by using one of these easy methods rather than turning your home into an unsafe environment. Contact us today for more information on our services and how we can help you clean up your carpet while being environmentally conscious about what products you use.

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